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Go Gophers! KJ Maye
Go Gophers!
Freshman KJ Maye played quarterback in high school, but was recruited to Minnesota as an athlete.
Go Gophers!
KJ Maye bio

With the off-season winding down is continuing with our series of interviews with the incoming freshman class. Next up is KJ Maye, an athlete from Murphy High School in Mobile, Alabama.

Maye earned a three-star rating from Rivals as well as ESPN, which ranked Maye as the No. 38 player in Alabama and the No. 95 athlete in the country. Playing quarterback as a senior, Maye collected 2,163 total yards of offense (1,041 on the ground and 1,122 through the air) as well as 21 total touchdowns. Maye led his Murphy team to a 7-5 record and a berth in the second round of the Alabama Class 6A Playoffs.

Although he played quarterback in high school, it is unclear at this time as to how Maye will be used by the Minnesota coaching staff. A versatile player who is lauded for his speed and ability to change directions, Maye is an explosive runner with good elusiveness. Despite not knowing exactly what position he will play in college one thing is for certain, Maye is a playmaker.

GopherSports: What led to you deciding to become a Golden Gopher and how does it feel to be one?

KJ Maye: My final decision was based on what I wanted to play in college and what level I wanted to play on. Being a Gopher feels good because it feels like home, like a real family.

GopherSports: How are you enjoying campus so far?

KJ Maye: It took me a couple of weeks to find my way around but now I'm finding everything well and I like it.

GopherSports: What, if anything, has surprised you about campus?

KJ Maye: How big it was. When I came on my visit it was freezing out so I didn't really get a chance to see how big the campus was and how far it goes so that really surprised me. The workouts surprised me too because we've been doing a lot more than I thought we would. I was ready for the running and the conditioning part but I really like how the weight program is. That surprised me too.

GopherSports: Do you have a planned major yet?

KJ Maye: I'm in between sport management and business management.

GopherSports: You were recruited as an athlete, what are you hearing about how you will be utilized?

KJ Maye: I've been working out at running back and slot receiver, mostly at running back though.

GopherSports: What are your goals for the upcoming season and for your college career?

KJ Maye: My goal for this upcoming season is just to get on the field period. From then on I want to get anything that you can get like all-conference or whatever you can get, that's my goal.

GopherSports: Is there any one Big Ten team that you look forward to playing?

KJ Maye: Michigan. I really want to play against those types of guys like Denard Robinson because I always used to watch them on YouTube and stuff like that.

GopherSports: Is there a particular athlete you try to model yourself after?

KJ Maye: Not really, I just like to watch a lot of good guys. I've learned a few things from some of them but I don't model myself after anyone.

GopherSports: What is your biggest strength in your opinion and what do you need to improve on?

KJ Maye: I feel like I'm ready. Whatever the coaches say I need to improve on I will because right now I feel like I'm ready.

GopherSports: How do you feel about the new uniforms?

KJ Maye: Can't wait to put them on.

GopherSports: What number will you be wearing this fall?

KJ Maye: Four. I wanted 1 or 5 but that was the only one that was open on offense that I wanted to wear.

GopherSports:  Is there any certain music you listen to before games?

KJ Maye: I've got to say Yo Gotti and Lil Boosie.

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