25 Things You Don't Know About...Kayla Hirt

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Go Gophers! Kayla Hirt
Go Gophers!

Redshirt freshman Kayla Hirt did not get the opportunity to hit the hardwood in 2011-12 after tearing her ACL in an early season practice, but the Gophers' forward is anxiously awaiting her opportunity to showcase her talent in 2012-13. Hirt has been diligent in her rehabilitation since having surgery in November, and anticipates being able to have an immediate impact for Minnesota in her rookie campaign. Here, the forward from Bemidji, Minn., shares 25 things that Gopher fans may not know about her.  

  1. I was born two months early
  2. I was three pounds, 15 ounces
  3. I was born in Fargo, N.D.
  4. When I was two, I had an absess infection in my hip, which forced me to quit walking and put me in the hospital for a couple of months
  5. I have more shoes then a person could ever wear
  6. I love piercings. I have 16
  7. My favorite show is Law and Order: Criminal Intent
  8. One thing i wish i could do is play the piano
  9. I want to buy a black Chrysler 300
  10. As I get older, I become more and more scared of being outside when it's dark
  11. My favorite movie is Love and Basketball
  12. My favorite tv show is One Tree Hill
  13. I love candy. I used to be so obsessed, that I would keep candy on the bench and eat it during time outs
  14. I love being able to express myself through the way I dress. How many people say they wear whatever they want, when they want to?
  15. I love math class
  16. I don't drink pop or eat fast food. This makes up for me eating candy. Ha
  17. I cut open my head one day when i was trying to dunk, because I hit my head on the rim
  18. I have tried just about every sport: soccer, volleyball, softball, track, hockey, football and, obviously, basketball
  19. I used to skateboard
  20. I love cell phones. I have had just about every type of cell phone. I love the change of having a new one
  21. I might be considered addicted to my cellphone :/
  22. I love photo design. If i ever get bored, I crop and customize pictures
  23. I am addicted to Applebee's boneless buffalo wings
  24. Something that drives me insane is when people's shoes dont match their outfits
  25. My favorite state is Arizona. I hope to move there when I get older. BEAUTIFUL!

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