No Offseason for... Danye Guinn

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Go Gophers! Danye Guinn
Go Gophers!
Even though the women's basketball season may have ended in March, that doesn't mean the work is over for those behind-the-scenes of it all. Danye Guinn, Director of Basketball Operations for the team, has her work cut out for her at the beginning of the summer.

"Now that camps are starting to pick up in June, it's been just as busy as it is during the year."

One of her main projects during the summer is working on coordinating and organizing the camps that the team runs during the summer months. From making the brochures to calling coaches to planning all of the minute details for the camps, the beginning of summer is not an easy ride for her. The Gophers' overnight camp takes the most amount of work.

"For elite camp, the campers can stay in the Frontier residence halls, so I have to make sure that the hall is all lined up. I also have to make sure players are staying in the rooms with who they requested and I have to schedule meals for all the campers. Each player gets lunch and dinner, while breakfast is also served for the people that stay in the halls, so I have to line all those up, while also making sure parents know where to park, drop off their kids and what time registration begins. I also have to get t-shirt sizes and help in the design of the shirts that each camper receives."

Along with coordinating everything for the camps, she also has to make sure that the Gophers are there as well.

"Between their summer school classes, I have to figure out when to schedule the players that will be working camps. I have to decide what teams I'm going to put them with and what drills I want them doing, versus what I want the high school and college coaches doing."

It can clearly be quite a bit of work, though Danye isn't too nervous about it.

"I've been doing camps for several years now. I ran University of North Dakota's camps for the past few years, so I don't think it's that hard, but it is a lot of detailed work. If you overlook something, it could throw off the whole camp. It's a lot more work than people think it is."

Danye's past jobs have given her great experience to help her through this summer.

"Basketball is all I have known since about kindergarten, so after playing at the University of North Dakota for five years, I took a coaching job at Des Moines Area Community College in Boone, Iowa. I was an assistant coach there for a year and then got hired at back at the University of North Dakota as an assistant coach."

Danye also enjoys the organizational aspect of her job, making it an enjoyable experience for her as she continues into next season. She is also hoping to learn more about the administrative side of things as she continues down her career path and more into the summer.

But it isn't all about work for Danye, as she does get some free time in the offseason. She has plans to go on a family fishing trip to Canada at the beginning of August and also has a side project that she has been working on. She is building a dining room table out of old barn wood that she got from her grandparent's barn that was blown down in a storm.

Her work life does pick up again though in September, when she starts to begin her regular-season duties, which mostly include planning travel for the team.

"When camps are done in the beginning of July, I'll start getting contracts for hotels and buses and then I can begin to line up our charter flights."

One of her biggest concerns will be what to do when something goes wrong.

"If a flight goes wrong, which we had a flight canceled because of a mechanical issue this past year, I would reschedule it and try figure out a way to get to our destination safely."

Even though it may be a daunting task, she definitely will not have a difficult time with it.

"Coming in last year, everything was new and everything was a lot bigger. This year, I'll have everything more organized and I'll know who to talk to about what questions I have. I'm just looking forward to being a little less stressed than I was last year."

She is also looking forward to this season, as her first year was quite a success.

"Everybody here at the U has been great, from the coaches to the players to the fans. And I have also met a lot of great people in Bierman that I get to work with every day. I have definitely made a lot of good connections."

- by Elizabeth Babinski, Athletic Communications Assistant

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