25 Things You Don't Know About...Micaella Riche

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Go Gophers! Micaella Riche
Go Gophers!
Go Gophers!
Micaella Riche is coming off a very successful sophomore campaign in which she made her way into the Golden Gophers' starting lineup and concluded the year as one of Minnesota's top rebounders. Here, the forward from Gloucester, Ontario, shares 25 things that Gopher fans may not know about her.
  1. I LOVE getting my nails done. They can't be short and painted, they NEED to be long.
  2. I force my brothers to have slumber parties with me and stay up late talking about stuff.
  3. Instagram makes me believe I'm a pro in photography.
  4. I believe that everyone was placed on earth to accomplish a mission.
  5. I love preparing my food so that it looks really pretty. Then I tend to eat slower.
  6. All I have at home is fruit, vegetables, cheerios, milk, applesauce and chicken. I LOVE IT.
  7. I don't get bored of eating the same foods because I am creative with them.
  8. Out of season, I am obsessed with running outside.
  9. Because of Alex, I am now obsessed with yoga.
  10. Sometimes, for some reason, I act like I'm 5'5 and weigh 150 lbs.
  11. I love to break out in random convulsions that I call dancing. Rachel joins too.
  12. I sleep with socks 95% of the time because I feel like spiders will crawl on my toes.
  13. The littlest things make me unbelievably happy.
  14. I'm obsessed with anything that has a cute pattern or color. It could be a hammer and I'd want to buy it.
  15. I pray in my mind all the time. Especially on the court. I'm also a strong believer... Leah got me back into it :)
  16. I want my hair to be long. Down to the middle of my back. Like NOW.
  17. If you don't ask me to sing along, I will. But if you tell me to I get so shy. Except for when I'm around Leah.
  18. I have no filter. I will say almost everything that comes to my mind. Especially if it's nice.
  19. I am the most ticklish person alive. Do not tickle me unless you are trying to get knocked out (accidentally, of course).
  20. If I'm reading and a word is spelled the same in English and French, at the moment that I'm reading it I have NO IDEA how to pronounce it in English, even if i know the word.
  21. I love to think that I know every answer in class. I often end up getting excited and yelling the wrong answer. Or as the prof says: "Uhm... yea that's part of it..." But when I get it right I think I'm cool.
  22. I am OBSESSED with everything being neat, in order and stacked well, and it needs to look pretty too.
  23. I'm already saving up for my apartment after college. I love home decor and can't wait to decorate it. Perfectly. With all of my OCD standards.
  24. I have approximately eight or nine journals that I love to write in. I write everything down.
  25. I am absolutely madly in love with every one of my teammates and I would do anything for any one of my sisters!

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