New Gopher Q&A - Martez Shabazz

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Shabazz will be posting interviews with many of the newest Gophers from the 2012 signing class throughout the remainder of the winter and spring. The next profile in our series is a conversation with defensive back Martez Shabazz of Trinity Valley Community College. 

Shabazz enrolled at Minnesota in January and will participate in spring practice. rated Shabazz a three-star prospect and he received two stars from How does it feel to officially be a Gopher?
Martez Shabazz: It feels great. I like the atmosphere that Minnesota brings. Being in the Big Ten, it feels awesome. Why did you decide to enroll early in school?
Martez Shabazz: I wanted to get the defensive system down so I can have a head start. I want to help the team out as fast as I can. Do you have a planned major yet? 
Martez Shabazz: Business and Marketing. Have you made any friendships with your new teammates yet? 
Martez Shabazz: Yeah, Cooper, Keise, Michael Carter, a lot of guys. It's a really cool team. What are your goals for next season? 
Martez Shabazz: I want to help the team out the best I can to make a bowl game and just win games, period. I want to help change the atmosphere around here with the football team and help the team out the best I can. What are your goals for your college career? When it's all said and done, where do you want to be? 
Martez Shabazz: This year I want to be Big Ten Newcomer of the Year and get my name out there as best I can and set myself up for my senior year. Hopefully I get a shot at making the league. Is there a particular athlete that you try to model yourself after? 
Martez Shabazz: I would say Charles Woodson, simply for the fact that he plays corner and he's all over the field. I'd like to be like that. How do you feel about the new uniforms? 
Martez Shabazz: I love them. It's a classic look yet kind of a new look with the helmets. I can't wait to put them on and have my name on the back. I really like the all-maroon and the all-white looks. What is your favorite TV show? 
Martez Shabazz: ESPN First Take. Skip and Stephen A., I love to see them debate. I don't get to see it that much because I'm always in class now, but I try to catch them if I can. Who is your favorite music artist? 
Martez Shabazz: I like Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi and Drake. I don't really have a top favorite, but those three would probably be my top.
-Interview by Athletic Communications Student Assistant Mitch Praxl

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