GWH Blog: National Champions visit State Capitol

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Go Gophers! Gopher women's hockey team
Go Gophers!
The Gophers visited the State Capitol on Tuesday.
Go Gophers!
The Gopher women's hockey team had the chance to visit the legislative session at the Minnesota State Capitol yesterday afternoon. Senior captains Sarah Erickson and Jen Schoullis, along with coach Brad Frost, were able to go down on the house floor, with NCAA trophy in tow. The rest of the team sat in the balcony. With gavel in hand, Erickson signaled the start of the day's session, and after the opening prayer, she led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Gophers were first up on the agenda. Rep. Phyllis Kahn introduced a resolution to commend the Gopher women's hockey team on their NCAA Championship title. The house responded with a standing ovation for the Gophers.

View photos from the State Capitol visit here.

There are some video clips here and here.

THIS JUST IN: Going to the Minnesota Wild game Thursday night against the Calgary Flames? The Gophers will be making an appearance there too! More details to follow...

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