Morning Skate With Joey Miller

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Go Gophers! Joe Miller
Go Gophers!
Joe Miller was voted an alternate captain by his teammates prior to this season.
Go Gophers!
GopherSports: You had the opportunity to go to a few different schools and play different sports as well. What made you decide to come to Minnesota and play hockey?

Joey Miller: I have always had a passion for Minnesota sports and wanted to be part of a program that hangs banners and wins championships. That was my biggest reason for coming here and my motivation.

GS: How would you describe your career?

JM: It was up and down, especially individually. I thought I might get a little bit more ice time from working hard, but I wanted to stick with it. I have such a close relationship with all the guys and wanted to stay with them. The team has had better years, but this year has been a lot of fun. We have been winning and it has definitely been my favorite year by far.

GS: When you do get in the lineup, people always seem to notice No. 15 out there working hard and hitting people. How would you describe your style of play?

JM: I think I am a high-energy guy and like to do all the small things. I like to block shots, hit people and kill penalties. I will do anything I can to try and help and contribute. I like doing all those things because it can help lift up the team and give them some more energy and get the team going to where we start scoring some goals. I will do anything I can to help the team.

GS: Talking about goals, you scored against Michigan Tech this year and that was your first goal since January 2009. The rest of the team was obviously pretty happy when you scored. How did you feel when you put that in?

JM: It had been awhile since I scored. That was my first game of the year and I was pretty jacked to play. Then I scored and I was pretty excited. I think we rolled after that with a couple more goals. It felt good to help the team contribute on the scoreboard and to do something a little bit more than the little things. It was a good feeling and I was pretty pumped.

GS: Your teammates voted you an alternate captain this year. What did that mean to you?

JM: It is one of the biggest honors I have had, probably the biggest honor I have had since I have been here. To be part of that history of the captains who have been here is a tremendous honor. It is even more special because it is from my teammates. That is probably the biggest compliment I can get. Those guys are the best and I love those guys.

GS: How would you describe your leadership skills? Are you a vocal leader or do you let your work ethic and actions serve as your leadership styles?

JM: I like to talk. I like to talk a lot. It helps me to concentrate if I can keep talking. I feel like if you are communicating then that is when the team is at its best and everyone is into the game. So I like to talk as much as possible, but not too much. If I am playing well then I am talking to my linemates and talking to the team and getting a feel for the game. I think that helps. I like to be verbal off the ice as well and that kind of continues in my leadership style.

GS: You said you like to talk. Do you talk to the opposition as well on the ice?

JM: I am always talking. I have some great one-liners for some guys in our league. They call me out for not playing a lot, but I have some good comebacks.

Go Gophers! Seth Helgeson
Go Gophers!
Is Seth Helgeson Joey Miller's penalty box host replacement? Miller calls him the frontrunner.
Go Gophers!
GS: This year you have hosted the incredibly popular "In the Penalty Box with Joey Miller," video feature. You seem like a natural in front of the camera. How did that segment come to be?  

JM: It is awesome. I love doing that stuff. It is fun because it started with Mike Hoeffel in the front yard of the old hockey house and we have all the guys sit together and I would interview him. Then I would interview the rest of my roommates. It is kind of funny to see where it has gone over the years and is a lot of fun, especially getting coach Guentzel in there last week. It is always cool to see where the interview goes and has been a great opportunity. I appreciate all the guys helping me out.

GS: This is your last year as a Gopher, but hopefully your penalty box segment lives on. Who would be a good host to replace you next season?

JM: We need to get guys in front of a camera and I need to start interviewing potential hosts and see how they handle it. I am going to start taking applications soon and we need to get on this. I will figure it out, but I think Seth Helgeson may be the inside frontrunner right now.

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