Statement from Coach Kill on Joe Paterno's Passing

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The following is a statement from Gopher football head coach Jerry Kill on the passing of former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno. Paterno passed away this morning at the age of 85 due to complications from lung cancer:
Go Gophers! Kill
Go Gophers!
Gophers head coach Jerry Kill released a statement on the passing of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno.
Go Gophers!

"I got home last night from recruiting and my oldest daughter said she had just heard. Fifteen minutes later, my youngest daughter at Murray State called. That's two girls from a coach's family reacting to it. That really sums up his impact. It hits home. He coached for 60 years with more than 100 players per year. Think about how many lives he touched, how many good things he has done.

"From my family to the Paterno family, our prayers go out to them. It's a sad day for football, but a good day for the man upstairs.

"I would tell people not to forget what that guy has done. To coach for 60 years in one place, that just won't ever happen again. I didn't get to coach against him. But I got to coach in the Big Ten, sit next to him at a meeting and have my picture taken with him. That's something I will never forget."

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