Morning Skate With Nate Condon

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Go Gophers! Nate Condon
Go Gophers!
Nate Condon has six goals and 10 assists this year.
Go Gophers!
The Gophers host Notre Dame this weekend in a game that could pit brother against brother. Sophomore forward Nate Condon's older brother, Nick, is a senior defenseman for the Irish. We caught up with Nate and asked him about potentially playing against his brother, if her prefers playing center or wing and what it feels like to score a goal against his hometown school Wisconsin.

GopherSports: Your bother Nick plays for Notre Dame, who just happens to be your opponent this week. What is his style of game?

Nate Condon: He is a little guy, a scrapper. He has always been a lot quicker than me. He also has a little bit of the Jacob Cepis syndrome - if you mess with him he is going to mess with you right back. He won't put up with anything. We have always been competitive growing up, but at the end of the day we are still going to be brothers and really good friends.

GS: You have played both center and wing at Minnesota. Do you have a preference?

NC: It really does not matter to me as long as I am not playing right wing. Growing up I always played a little bit of both here and there, so it is not a big deal to me. Switching back and forth sometimes gets hard because you have to make sure you have your defensive responsibilities right, but other than that it is not too much of a problem for me.

GS: Did you guys play against each other a lot growing up?

NC: No, not really. I have never really played competitively against him - just fun stuff here and there.

GS: But you guys have played on the same team together?

NC: The last time we would have played together was when I was a freshman forward in high school and he was a senior defenseman. It was great and a lot of fun. I grew up with him and a lot of his friends and they made it a lot of fun for me. I was also the kid brother, so I got harassed a bit too, but it was a great time. He really looked out for me my freshman year and helped me out a lot.

GS: You are from Wisconsin and have had success against the Badgers, especially in their building with a couple of goals. How nice is that for you?

NC: It was great going back to Madison like that and having the success that I did. It was really awesome. I had a lot of family there and they all graduated from Wisconsin, but even they were happy for me. I got a lot of positive feedback from it from a lot of Wisconsin people.

GS: How would you describe your freshmen year last season?

NC: I think it went well. I really started to find my groove in the middle of the season. I was able to play with a lot of the older guys as well. I played with Cepis a lot and I think that really helped me come into my own at Minnesota.

GS: You also had that impressive five-point game at Colorado College.  

NC: That was early in the year and I was playing with Cepis and Zach Budish. The next weekend is when Budish got injured, so you never know what could have happened with that line. There is always the chance that we could have done a lot of good things. We sort of clicked that game, but the entire team did as well. We had nine goals that game. Budish is a big guy and went into the corners and dished it out to Cepis. Then Cepis and I danced around with the puck a little bit and luckily found each other a couple times during that game.

GS: Do you remember your last five-point game?

NC: That has not happened in a long time. Back in high school there were a couple of games, but nothing in juniors or anything.

GS: What do you think you need to get better at?

NC: I worked hard to put on some size before this season started and I think that has been helping me. I wanted to be a little more physical on the ice and throw my weight around more because that has always been one of the knocks against me. I have been trying to work on that this year. I feel like I have a pretty good touch on the puck and I can skate pretty well, so I have been trying to get a little more mean.

GS: What do you like to do off the ice?  

NC: Well, last year living in the dorms we played a lot of video games. During the summer, a lot of guys like to hang out on the lakes and get in the water and do that kind of stuff.

GS: Do you golf?

NC: I love to golf and try to play as much as I can in the summer, but the problem is that my clubs are back home in Wisconsin. So I only get to play when I go home. For how much some of the guys on our team play golf I would like to put some of our players up against our golf team.

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