McKnight Enjoys Experience at NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

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Former Gopher wide receiver Da'Jon McKnight took part in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in Carson, Calif. this past Saturday. McKnight led all receivers in the game with 49 yards on four receptions.

I caught up with him on the phone earlier today and got some reaction from him about the experience and what his plans are between now and the NFL Draft.

Andy Seeley: What can you tell me about your experience at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl?
Da'Jon McKnight: The experience was fun. We had Tom Flores and Dick Vermeil as our coaches. You know both of them have won Super Bowls as coaches. Our coaching staff was really good and were really well-known guys. The other team had Isaac Bruce and we had Matthew Hatchette. Just meeting different players from other schools was a great experience. It was more like a bowl game. I got a chance to spend time with some guys from the Big Ten like Keith Nichol from Michigan State. Just being there was great.

AS: How did you feel you performed?
DM: I think I played pretty well. I took advantage of the opportunities I had. I didn't play much of the game. But when my chance came, I took advantage. Being the leading receiver, I feel that was a big accomplishment for me. The practices went well, too.

AS: You mentioned practice. Often at all-star games, practice is just as important as the game. How were the practices?
DM: Practices went well. I caught the ball well. I ran my routes pretty good. I was just being a good team player.

AS: What kind of feedback did you receive from your coaches?
DM: My receivers coach told me I did good. He just said to be more precise and just to be calm in everything you do. It's more about doing things right every time, rather than just being talented. You've got to know how to read defenses, catch the ball, be coachable. He gave me lots of good feedback. He was real proud of us. That was big for me to hear that from my coach.

AS: What's up next for you until the draft?
DM: I'm training here in Denver and I'll be up here until Pro Day. I'll be doing speed training and working the cone drills and working on my technique for Pro Day. I'll come back to Minnesota for Pro Day. April is the Draft and whatever happens, happens and I'll go on from there. 

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