Get to Know Kiara Buford

| No TrackBacks recently sat down with senior guard Kiara Buford to learn a little bit more about how she got into modeling and what she thought the highlight of her summer was.

What is your major here at the U?
"My major is communications studies."

How did you first get into modeling?
"When I first got into modeling I was actually at a Gopher game watching as a recruit. I was probably around the middle of the court and halfway through a lady taps me on the shoulder. So, I turned around and she's like, "Hi. Have you ever modeled before?" And I was like,"No, I've played basketball my whole life." And she was like, "You should come to my agency, which is Moore Creative, which is downtown." So I went and I met her, and she is a big Gopher fan and she is very involved in Gopher sports, so I see her quite a bit. Ever since then I have been doing modeling stuff for her."

Who would win at HORSE: You or your mom?
"My mom played college basketball, but I would definitely beat her in HORSE. We played when I was in seventh or eighth grade and I think that is the first official time that I beat her. She claims it was when I was in ninth grade."

What was the highlight of your summer?
"The highlight of my summer was going to my family reunion. I don't get to see my family much, and I actually got to see my extended family, which I never get to see. I haven't seen them in years. So, I saw a lot of my cousins and my grandpa. I figured out where I got my skinny calves from. I saw my grandpa facing the other way and I was like, "Man, his legs look just like mine." So, there you go, there's my chicken legs."

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