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Next up in our "Get to Know Your Gophers" interview series is sophomore guard Chip Armelin. The Sulphur, La., native provides a spark for the Gophers off the bench. He is averaging 5.9 points per game in 14.8 minutes per game this season. To learn more about Armelin, watch the video above and read the Q&A below from earlier this season.

Q: How was your experience playing in the Big Ten as a freshman?
A:  It was a great experience. With Blake (Hoffarber) and Al (Nolen) and where I play, I was able to learn from them and gain good experience. That helped me out to take me into my sophomore year, and I'm doing pretty well, working hard.

Q: How do you and the other returning sophomore guards (Austin Hollins and Maverick Ahanmisi) work together? What do you guys do to help each other out?
A: After practice, we talk about what we need to do to become better guards, as far as our shooting, passing, defensive skills, stuff like that. We also like to talk about how we can come together and make things better.

Q: How do you think you have improved your shooting compared to last year?
A: I'm very confident, compared to my freshman year. Last year I was trying to gain experience, trying to get used to playing in the Big Ten and playing in college overall, but I've been able to take that into my sophomore year and lock down shots. During the summer, I worked on my shooting back home and in the gym here. It's been helping me.

Q: Do you have any goals for this season?
A: My goals for this season are to help the team win some games, get to the Big Ten championship, and hopefully make a big run in the [NCAA] tourney.

Q: Who is your favorite opponent to face?

A: My favorite opponent right now I would have to say is Ohio State, because they're a top-10 team in the Big Ten. I'm looking forward to playing them and trying to upset them.

Q: What are some of your favorite drills to do in practice?
A: I would have to say shooting drills. That's my best drill in practice because it helps me with my shooting and becoming better at all areas.

Q: You had a career-high game against Ohio State last year with 14 points off the bench.
How did you feel after that game?

A: It gave me a confidence boost and helped me towards the next games. It really gave me a good spark to help me be able to take it to the next level. It helped me bring it to this year and get me more confident, take the ball to the hoop, and stay aggressive.

Q: Have you decided on a major?
A: Right now, I'm thinking about graphic design. If not graphic design, I'm thinking about music production.

Q: What was the most fun part about your trip to the Old Spice Classic this year?
A: Going to Disneyworld. That was my first time going there, so I got to see some cool things, ride some awesome rides.

Q: You're great at providing a spark when you come into the game. How do you contribute that spark to the team?
A: Coming in with tremendous energy, coming off the bench with some defensive stops, keep scoring, being aggressive. Just pumping up the crowd and getting them riled up.

Q: What's one superpower you wish you could have?
A: To fly. It'd be really easy to get to places if you could fly.

Interview by Kirsten Sherwood, Athletic Communications Student Assistant

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