Morning Skate With Jake Kremer

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Go Gophers! Jake Kremer
Go Gophers!
Goaltender Jake Kremer is in his final year as a Gopher.
Go Gophers!
Goaltender Jake Kremer sees more shots than any other goalie on the team. He knows who has the hardest shot and who has the best shootout move. We recently sat down with the senior and talked about his time as a Gopher and found out why he has so many nicknames.

GopherSports: How would you describe your time as a Gopher?

Jake Kremer: It is a lot of work. I come to the rink and work hard every day, but it is also lot of fun. I like being in practice and taking shots from the guys. They give me some abuse and I give some abuse back. It is all in good fun. Overall, I have enjoyed my time here. I like all the guys and we have a good thing going here right now.

GS: Can you give us an example of the amount of work you are talking about?

JK: I know the guys like a goalie to stay out after practice most of the time. They will ask a goalie to stay out, so they can take hundreds of extra breakaways and they need a goalie there. Otherwise, it is just getting up early to work out and then getting to the rink early and staying late after practice.

GS: You are the third goalie on the team, but you have to prepare every day as if you are going to play, right?

JK: Right, that is what you have to do. To be in my position, you cannot sit there and say, "I am happy with where I am." You have to want it the most and you have to be ready in case you are called upon.

GS: You see more shots than anybody. Who on the team gets you a little bit concerned during practice because you are not sure where their shot may be going?

JK: I have a lot of the guys down and know where they shoot most of the time, but Nick Bjugstad can really rip them. I get a little nervous sometimes when he is coming down, but I think I have had his number recently.

GS: Who has the hardest shot on the team?

JK: I would have to give the slap shot to Seth Helgeson, but Bjugstad has the quickest snapshot and knows how to thread the needle.

GS: What about a breakaway? Who puts the puck in the net?

JK: Joey Miller always seems to score. I don't know if he has the fanciest moves, but he gets it done. I would say Sam Warning or Travis Boyd have the most dangles.

GS: What is Miller's move where he is always scoring?

JK: It is nothing real special, but he knows how to throw it up top real quick and that gets the job done.

GS: You take more shots than anyone. Where is the worst place to get hit with a puck?

JK: Either the collarbone or down by the kneecap, right on top of the muscle there. That can make your leg go numb for a little bit.

GS: You are a senior, so this is your last year as a Gopher. Have you thought about that yet? What will you miss the most?

JK: I have to say I am going to miss the guys the most. I try not to think about it too much, with this being my last year, but I know I am going to miss the guys. That is going to be tough. It has been a great time and a great opportunity. There is definitely a lot of hard work and it is not all fun and games, but I have had a great time bonding with the guys. It has been the time of my life. 

GS: What do you like to do away from the ice?

JK: There is not a whole lot of time to relax, but mostly hang out with the guys and try to lay low and watch some TV.

GS: What is your favorite TV show?

JK: I like a lot of the HBO shows, like Entourage. I also enjoyed Friday Night Lights.

GS: What about during the summer?

JK: I enjoy being out on the lakes in Minnesota or out on Lake Minnetonka. I am not the best fisherman, but I like to fish. It is tough to beat being out on the lake relaxing.

GS: Your nickname is Krispy. Where did that come from?

JK: That is actually from high school. The other goalie of our team gave that to me. It is actually from Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so they just called me that because of my last name.

GS: How did that nickname get from high school to college?

JK: I think I helped bring that here because I put it on my mask, but I have developed a lot of different nicknames here.

GS: Tell us some of your current nicknames.

JK: Jacques Kremier is a recent one and there are plenty others. Peaches and Crumb, Kreme Sauce, Kremesicle and Kre-merica are a few more. There are a lot of them.

GS: Who gave you all the nicknames?

JK: I have gotten them over the years from a bunch of different people, but Helgeson likes to throw out a few every now and then. Pretty much anything he can think of.

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