Get to Know Nicole Mastey

| No TrackBacks recently sat down with senior guard Nicole Mastey to learn a little bit more about how she spent her summer, what it's like to play basketball with her twin sister and her plans following graduation. 

What did you get to do last summer?
"I went to Ireland in May and I got to spend three and a half weeks in Dublin and Belfast, so I got to see a lot of Northern Ireland. And then, got to see more of the tourist side down in Dublin. My favorite part would have been when we spent a night at Corrymeela, which is kind of a camp-like atmosphere. There were a lot of group bonding activities, like team activities, so we learned a lot about each other in the group and it was a very good experience."

What is it like to play basketball with your twin sister, Brianna?
"I've always wanted to continue playing basketball with Brianna. She has always been my role model. I have always grown up watching her play, so now that I get to be in college and play with her, it's kind of a dream come true. We get to share this experience together and it's something that we'll never forget."

What do you hope to do once you graduate from the U?
"I am actually working on getting an internship with a youth center called "The Garage" in Burnsville. They kind of already told me that I could potentially have a job position with them after, so I'm really hoping that will work out for me, because I have been volunteering there and I love the kids. They want someone there who can facilitate sports activities, so I'm thinking I might be the perfect one for that."

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