Get to Know Leah Cotton

| No TrackBacks recently sat down with junior guard Leah Cotton to learn a little bit more about why she chose the U, her major and the one thing that really grosses her out.

Why did you come to the U?
"I came to Minnesota because I liked the team and I enjoyed the atmosphere when I got up here. I loved their crowd support and it seemed like everything was a fit for me."

What is your favorite part about Minnesota?
"My favorite part about Minnesota is how close it is to downtown and how close it is to any other place you want to get to, but it's still a college-feel campus."

What is your major?
"My major is family social science. Right now, I want to be a child counselor after I graduate and do something with that. If not, who knows. We'll see where it takes me."

What grosses you out?
"I don't like feet. I hate when people take off their sock and stick their toes in the air like it is cool. Like Micaëlla Riché, she does that all of the time. I personally don't wear flip-flops. I don't wear sandals. I like my feet and my toes covered. Something's nasty about phalanges. I just don't like toes."

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