Morning Skate With Nico Sacchetti

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Go Gophers! Nico Sacchetti
Go Gophers!
Nico Sacchetti has 11 goals and 18 assists in 106 career games
Go Gophers!
GopherSports: You are majoring in finance. That has to be a pretty demanding major. Can you tell us about it?
Nico Sacchetti: I will be really happy when I am done and have a degree. It will be worth it when it is over because it has been a lot of work. There are a lot of nights when I am locked up in my room doing homework.

GS. You have to be able to balance school, hockey and your social life pretty well?
NS: I constantly have to stay on top of things and cannot let anything slide. There are a lot of day after practice where I am studying right through the night. Between hockey and school, free time is certainly at a premium right now and when I have it I try to relax and hang out with the boys.   

GS: You are from Virginia, Minn. How would you describe your hometown?
NS: Virginia is the heart of the iron range. It was your typical small town where everyone pretty much knows everyone and everything was pretty much centered around hockey. Everyone I grew up with played hockey and there were about six outdoor rinks. There was an outdoor rink at the end of my block, so that is where I grew up skating when I was really young. You would play shinny hockey with people of any age group.

GS: Are you ever able to skate outside now these days?
NS: I would if I was home more over the winter, but I am not. My classes run pretty late into December this year so I will not have much time to go home. I have not spent an extended amount of time back home in the winter for the last couple of years.

GS: So when you are not playing hockey or studying all night, what do you like to do?
NS: Jake Hansen got me into golf, and it is something I really enjoy. I played before I met Jake, but not consistently. I grew up playing tennis all though high school and would only play golf a couple of times during the summer. I was not any good, but I have gotten a lot better. I can shoot in the mid to low-80s pretty consistently now.

GS: How did Jake get you started in golf?
NS: Jake and I roomed together our freshmen year in the dorms. He would have his car sometimes because of how close he lived to campus, but one day he said he was going golfing and asked if I wanted to go. I think I grabbed his brother's clubs because mine were not here and the course we were playing was less than a mile from his house. I did not realize how good he was. He is pretty much a scratch golfer. I thought we were going to go mess around and did not know he was on the state tournament team. I was kind of embarrassed and realized I had to get a lot better, so anytime he went I would go as well. I saved some money so I could buy a nice set of clubs last year and the last three summers we probably golfed three or four times a week.

GS: Have you ever beaten him?
NS: We usually do not keep score, but I have definitely beaten him in stroke play for nine holes. I think I have beaten in 18 holes before too, but he will never admit it. The only time we will keep score for the full 18 is if it is just the two of us. We usually play in a foursome with other friends though.

GS: In addition to golf, you also like to fish.
NS: Definitely. We are down here five days a week during the summer for workouts, but I definitely get my time in on the weekends. Waking up at 7 a.m. during the week is always difficult during the summer, but I have no problem getting up at 5:30 a.m. on the weekend to fish.

GS: Tell us your best fishing story.
NS: That would have to be the first muskie I ever caught. It was the first time I had ever gone muskie fishing and got me hooked instantly. I was still in high school and it was the middle of summer. My friend and I went out early in the morning and it was dead calm and hot out and not very good muskie conditions. We saw one big muskie, but then went back home to skate and work out. However, we went back out during the night and headed back to the same spot. It was pitch black out and I could barely see my lure. I was about to pull my lure out and then there was this huge splash about 18 inches in front of me. I had never fished for muskie before and all of a sudden I see this head thrashing right in front of me. It was hooked pretty good, so my buddy grabbed the net and we pulled it in the boat. We measured it and it was 51.5 inches.

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