Guest Blog: "Expect the Unexpected" on Homecoming

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Go Gophers!'s Mike Ricci says we should "expect the unexpected" on homecoming.

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Hard to believe it's finally Homecoming week. Really feels like we were getting ready to fly to California a few days ago. But yes, time flies --- it's an inevitability of life. Win or lose, you keep moving forward.
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The Nebraska Cornhuskers come to TCF Bank Stadium for the first time ever on Saturday (also their first trip to Minnesota since 1989). The press doesn't seem to be giving us a snowball's chance in this matchup. But then again, that's why you play the game. Especially on Homecoming weekend, when anything seems possible.

Two years ago, the first Homecoming game on campus in 27 years saw the Gophers throw down with Purdue. The game, which featured unseasonably cold October weather saw the Gophers pull out a 35-21 game. Even last season, although we fell a little short against the Northwestern Wildcats, the game was one of the most exciting battles of the season. No doubt, there is something special about Homecoming weekend. Expect the unexpected.

When I was talking to some of the players this past week, one of the recurring themes that I got as to why Homecoming was important to them was that it was, "Minnesota's weekend". The entire week is a celebration about how great of a university we have here in the Twin Cities, they wanted to make the school proud. And with a team like Nebraska coming to town, the opportunity was there for the taking.

With Saturday just days away, things are starting to fall into place. Tomorrow night, local hip hop legend Atmosphere is kicking the weekend off with a concert at TCF Bank Stadium. Hopefully the energy will linger in the air into Saturday's tailgating around campus and into the stadium for pregame. I know the football program is hoping for a little extra rowdiness in the stands this weekend. Even if Nebraska comes to our house in droves, there's no reason we can't be louder than them. This is our house... And this is our weekend. Ski-U-Mah!

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