Gophers Inner Circle: Coach J Robinson Reports from Kuwait #4

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Travel and Combatives

Was a long one today? Up at 4 to get the SD6 letter out then we rolled down the road at 5:00. Rolled down the road. Where did that phrase come from? You cannot be in this atmosphere all day long with out picking up the language and all the short cut ways to express one's self. Rolling out, AO, Roger that, FOB, good to go, sit rep, etc, etc, etc. The service has a way of taking normal speech and cut it down to the bear minimum. Maybe it has to do with keeping the message as simple as possible.

We headed to the northwest part of Kuwait to spend the day at camp Virginia beginning at 5:00. Camp Virginia was about a one and a half hour drive from Camp Airiftan. We were accompanied by our 2 MP's that are our PSD (personal security detail).  It is kind of different with having a PSD because they will not let you go anywhere without them. You go to the mess hall they are here, to the PX they are there, to the bathroom they are hanging out side. They dress in civilian clothes so as to not draw attent to the military side.

We had a prayer breakfast that I was asked to speak on the effects of my faith in my life. We had about 30-40 people attended. After it was over I ran into an e-7 (mater sergeant) by the name of Miriam Fayas that knew the Ziverberg brothers.  I told her to write a note for the Z-brother and I would and carry it home, so now I  have pick up the job description of a mail man. Come to find out she is a fitness instructor that the CO says continually goes out of her way to develop training programs for her fellow soldiers.

Today was the day of Combatives. We did a clinic and Camp Virginia for about 25 people then drove to LSA (logistic support area) and did another clinic for the Navy Seabee. I had a couple of great instructors to help me Camp Virginia and they both had wrestler so they did a great job. We got some new people to Combatives to try a couple of simple moves and they seemed to really like it. A couple of the female did it and had a lot of fun. We tried to frame Combative training like an insurance policy in that you never know when you are going to need it but it would be happy to have it if you needed it. WE singled out one move that was not very difficult to learn and would help them in a bad situation and they did a great job of learning it. I think they left with a better understand of what Combatives  could do to protect them in a bad situation in that they would now be able to defend themselves in one area.

As with every day here, let's not forget we had to go eat again (3 x a day) and we got to spend some time with the base Commander. During lunch I meet an Intensive camper that had his I DID it shirt sent to him when he learned I was coming.  We got a picture of him me and his I Did It shirt.  All in all I must have met at least 5 Intensive campers here at Camp Virginia and the LSA. The Seabee attachment lies within the LSA camp and since it is a separate part of the compound (Navy in an Army compound) many times when entertainment and recreation groups come in the Seabee's are overlooked or missed. They were quite happy to see us but a little skeptical at having anything to do with combative training. Once we started the program they really got into it and I believe that those sailors even learned a little. Never thought learning was possible with sailors.

Chaplain Winn and I demonstrated on each other and it worked out fine. We finished the day with another seminar with another Battalion that does convoy duty into Iraq. This unit's nick name is the Bastards of Bataan. They gave me their unit coin so now I am an official Bastard. Something many of you have been called me for years'

It's been a full day so heading to bed. Hope all is well with all of you

Remember we get to do the following

# 1 We get to sleep under the blanket of the protection that they provide so it is great to tell them thank them in person

# 2 They have a responsibility greater than I can fathom and it is great to know that they are aware of it

# 3 So in the end I want them on that wall I believe we need them on that wall and they are doing a great job


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Great visit and post Coach. My niece did a year at Camp Virginia and they were really happy for these kinds of visits!


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