Gophers Inner Circle: Coach J Robinson Final Report from Kuwait

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Thank you all who have been following Coach J Robinson's daily blogs from overseas. Please continue to check back for more Gopher Wrestling updates during the season.


This well be the last transmission from Salty Dog 6 from Kuwait.

I wanted to wait till the last transmission to say thank you to the person that made it all happen.
I am getting ready to roll out (that the phrase they keep telling me), we are going to roll out at 0700 tomorrow. In a few minutes they will pick me up and will finish the day and the program we started 7 days ago.

I thought it only appropriate for me to direct some  last thoughts on the last day about the person that made this all happen.

Bear with me.

Different things effect us all in different ways. My generation and my family was effected by the trying times of the 60's and the Vietnam War. All my brothers plus myself served in Vietnam. Everyone who serve brought different things away from the experience  both good and bad. My college coach told me once that you need to have a philosophy about wrestling, he said know how the pieces fit together. Over the years those thoughts from Coach Roderick has gone into me developing an over all philosophy about life.

Parts of my philosophy comes from impact of Vietnam  Below is one part of the philosophy that came about

# 1. Understand who you work for. If your in it for 95% and their only in it for 40 % you will never go over 40%.

I wanted to thanks the man that has made this all possible because has been in it 100% both times and did what was necessary to get me here. This is the person that made it happen both times because the final decision weather I came was his.

Maj General Rick Nash is that person and he Commands of the Minnesota National.

In 2009 when Chaplain Morris first hatched this idea to bring me to Iraq the decision to allow me in country rested  in the hands of General Nash. Gen Nash trusted in Chaplain Morris said it was a go and brought me to Iraq. I didn't get to meet the General until the last day in 2009 but have enjoy watching the way he interacts with his men and women ever since.

Gen Nash for those that do not know him lives the life of getting involved with his job and life and with the National Guard by taking care of his soldiers.

I thought you should all know without his approval Salty Dog 6  would not be here today. I think the incite I have gain and in some part have been able to send back to you over the course of the last 7 days hopefully has made us all a little bit more aware of what our soldiers go though and do for us.

Thanks General Nash for allowing me come again. It has been good for us all

As they say here ................ I have to roll out and go to work.

I'll see you all soon back in the world.

Salty Dog 6

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