Get to Know Your Gophers: Lamonte Edwards

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In the latest installment of "Get to Know Your Gophers" with KFAN personality and Gopher Radio Network sideline reporter Justin Gaard, we sit down with Gophers running back-turned-linebacker Lamonte Edwards.

Justin Gaard: First of all Lamonte, let's talk about that a little bit. You started as a running back now you're playing linebacker and might do a little bit of both, do you ever get confused as to which huddle you're supposed to go to?

Lamonte Edwards: "No I don't get confused, I like both of them but the defensive side of the ball is a little more complicated and so it takes more time to actually grasp the concept of what you're supposed to do."

JG: As far as grasping what you're supposed to do, it seems like you are getting a pretty good grasp the last couple of weeks.

LE: "Yeah, I have been taking some lessons from Keanon Cooper, the first-string linebacker. Mike Rallis will help me out on my fits, my gaps, when I'm supposed to hold and burst through and whatnot."

JG: Well let's talk about more important stuff between the running backs and linebackers. Which group is more fun to hang around with? Who would you rather socialize with off the field?

LE: "That's a tough question, they are all a pretty good group of guys. They're all fun to hang out with."

JG: Who has stranger hairstyles, the running backs or the linebackers? And if Mike Rallis is part of this, that's okay.

LE: "It's definitely the linebackers. I'm going to say the linebackers. GT [Gary Tinsley] has the dreads, Mike Rallis with all the hair. We got a bunch of different styles. Dwayne Mitchell with the hairstyle he's got."

JG: Last question for you, who's the biggest clown on the team? I've heard you mention [Tinsley], I've heard that he might be one of the biggest pranksters on the team. What's maybe the biggest prank that's gone on in the locker room this season?

LE: "I'm not sure about the biggest prank, but I know GT or Michael Carter are definitely the biggest clowns on the team. Or Jephte, he's a freshman, Jephte Matilus is a big clown."

JG: Is he [Carter] allowed to be a clown as a freshman? Doesn't he have to earn his stripes a little bit before doing that, or does he just do it?

LE: "That's how much of a clown he is, he really doesn't care. He does what he does."

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