Get to Know Your Gophers: Ben Perry

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In this installment of "Get to Know Your Gophers" with KFAN's Justin Gaard, the Gopher Radio Network sideline reporter sits down with Gopher football defensive end Ben Perry to talk video games, trash talking and more.

Justin Gaard: We're joined today by defensive lineman Ben Perry. Ben thanks for joining us today. You're one of the young guys who's getting a lot of playing time here as the season is unfolding, how's the transition to college football been for you?

Ben Perry: It's a little different but I'm starting to get used to it as we're midway through the season it was fast paced but as you go through it things start to slow down in your head and that's a great feeling when that finally happens. When you get a little experience under you it's not as confusing as it used to be in the beginning of the season.

JG: As a defensive lineman, and I asked Kirksey about this, do you have to be one of the loudest people on the team to play defensive lineman? Because whenever I'm at practice or at the games your group is always kind of out of control. Is that a prerequisite?

BP: Defense yes, but defensive line yes, we're a little bit crazy. I'm not going to lie, we're not your normal bunch of guys. You have to have a little different mindset to play defensive line because we're not going to get a bunch of picks, we're not going to score a bunch of touchdowns, but at the same time we want to have fun and our goal is to mess people up.

JG: You spend a lot of time in this building, you've got practice, you've got meetings , you've got class. What's something you like to do in your free time when you're away from football?

BP: Well, besides sleep, I play video games all the time. I'll take anybody on in Madden, Battlefield 3 came out today, and Modern Warefare's coming out next week and I'll beat you in that too.

JG: Where's more of the trash talk? On the football field or in the video game circle?

BP: On the football field I'll talk a little bit of trash, but don't play me in video games because I'll talk my mouth off and I'll demoralize you. That's what I'll do.

JG: Who's the biggest trash talker, sounds like you might be! But besides you, who's the biggest trash talker on the team? Who do you get in the most battles with?

BP: Oh biggest trash talker is going to be B.K. He's going to talk to everybody and because he's a senior he knows he has that upper rank, but you know at the same time I'm going to trash talk everybody.

JG: What about on the offensive side of the ball? I imagine there's some pretty good battles between offense and defense. Maybe not even on the field, but just in the locker room. Who's the trash talker on the offensive side?

BP: On the offensive side Wynn likes to talk a lot but me and Eddie Olson kind of go at it a little bit sometimes. We're friends off the field, but I'll still talk a little trash to him and he'll talk back to me.

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