Captain's Blog Day 5: Gopher Olympics!

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Claire Rindo-Senior Captain

Gopher Olympics!
I cannot believe how fast camp flew by again this year! The team is even closer than when we arrived and we are a little bit more trained, rested, and united to come back to campus prepared for the upcoming season. Every year on the final day of Ely, we wrap-up camp with a whole group activity known as "Gopher Olympics."
Our entire team splits into smaller teams of four or five, get decked out in creative costumes, take on new identities with clever team names, and prepare ourselves for a series of three events.
The events include: Lightning, egg toss, and "Circle of Death". For those of you who do not know what circle of death is, the game involves two members of each team. One member runs in an inner circle clockwise, and the other team member runs in an outer circle counterclockwise. A senario is called out by our coach and team members must run to their partner and perform that senerio before everyone else does. The last team to complete the senario is out. An example of a senario is "Monkey in a tree", where one team member hops on the back of their teammate. This game is  certainly a team favorite! The winning team this year was "Scrunch with an emphasis on Crunch uh!" Other participating teams included "Nerd Alert", "Nyte-Rydr", "Neon Flash", "Five Card Stud", "G-force", "The Scirvy Unicorns", "The Gangster Geishas", "Team America"...etc.
Following another successful Gopher Olympics, the upper classmen and coaches were entertained after dinner by the Freshmen Skit, then off to pack up to head back to campus the following morning. The final day of Ely is always a bitter-sweet arrival; many of us looking forward to the start of school and the season, but still wanting to hold on to the final days of summer and enjoy the peacefulness, and care-free days in Ely. 

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