The Eye In the Sky Never Lies

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"Big Brother is watching you" - 1984, George Orwell

Head coach Jerry Kill's message may not be quite as ominous as the Party's oft-used phrase in Orwell's novel. But he has made it clear to his team and his staff that everyone's behavior is up for evaluation, on the field and off.

Kill talked with the media in his weekly press conference for nearly 30 minutes Tuesday. One of the items that piqued the interest of many in the room was his mention of videotaping the sidelines on game day.

Kill believes you can learn a lot about people when you see how they react to different situations. For that reason, he wants to see what's going on behind him on the sideline on Saturdays. When most coaches watch game film, they only watch what's taking place between the white lines. Kill is just as interested in what takes place outside them.

"I might be the only coach in America that videos the sideline," Kill said. "I want to see how people handle themselves.  I want to see who's throwing that helmet down, I want to see who's losing their cool.  I evaluate the coaches (too) ... everybody is accountable on game day."

Kill started in on the topic when he was talking about facing adversity.  He believes the only way to truly test someone's mettle to see how they react to adversity. Kill has tried to create as much adversity as he can in practice. But he knows there is no substitute for game day to see how a team reacts to it.

"Maybe you're down two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, are you going to battle back or are you going to lay down and quit, or maybe you lose a good player with an injury," Kill said. "Who's going to step up and play?  Are we going to sit around and say, gosh darn, we lost so and so?  The next guy has got to step up.  Maybe something happens off the field.  Maybe losing two straight games, maybe getting your tail end kicked, whatever that may be."

Kill also mentioned adversity when asked if leaders had stepped forward on the team yet.

"I don't judge anybody until their back is against the wall," Kill said. "We've had six months and there hasn't been any adversity. I judge people in adverse conditions. Do they turn on each other, do they step up? We'll find out how we are through this year because there will be good times, there will be tough times, there will be bad times. How are we going to deal with it? That's how you develop leadership."

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