Camp Blog Day 6: Wrapping it Up with One Last Run and DQ

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Kevin Lachowitzer-Junior

Today was the last full day at camp. We started the day off by traveling to Itasca State Park for a hilly long run and afterwards we visited the headwaters of the Mississippi. When we got back from running, the nice weather we had all week moved out and it rained on and off the rest of the night. This ended the badmitten tournament without crowning a champion for the second straight year. 

The afternoon turned into playing dominos and watching movies. The team was in for a treat for supper, Wayne fried up a meal of fish he had caught this year and Bunch made some delicious desserts to go with it. This was my favorite meal of camp.  

After supper, the team went into Park Rapids for an evening of bowling. After bowling the team stopped at the local DQ and overwhelmed the staff for a few ice cream cones, then it was back to the cabins to start the long process of cleaning up after a week of making messes. The freshman got the privilege of cleaning out and vacuuming the vans for everyone. 

The team looks pretty tired after an intense week of training so I believe it's gonna be an early night tonight.  Thanks to everyone for an awesome week of camp!

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