Camp Blog Day 5: Good Run...Good Food...Good Times...Go Gophers!

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Aaron Bartnik-Freshman

It was another early start to the day with the four University vans leaving for the twenty minute drive to the ATV trails at 8:00.  It was a nice, relaxing run ranging between 50 to 60 minutes for most of the team.  Everyone was a little sore form the workout the day before, and preparing for the long run at Itasca State Park tomorrow.  The run was proceeded by strides and returning back to Belle Shores Resort.  Followed by a refreshing lake shower, it was a lazy morning with most athletes returning to their cabins to relax before lunch.

Bunch's amazing turkey sandwiches and sweet potato surprise filled everyone's bellies for lunch.  The food seemed to bring back energy to the team with more activities taking place after lunch.  Minnow races were a big hit of the afternoon with all the athletes and coaches encouraging their minnows down two parallel gutters.  Some of the minnow's names were Chuck Norris, Salty Sulkin, Nevis Nightmare, Disappointing but Consistent, Nemo, Tim, and Never-Ending Daydream.  Freshman Alex Brend came out as the overall champion leading his minnow, Roxxxy, to five wins.  The races were followed by delicious popsicles.

Bocce Ball, badminton, football, swimming, board games, and tanning occurred in the afternoon.  While most people were having a great time, Coach Chris Rombough decided he would be anti-social and take a three hour nap missing team bonding time and the second practice of the day....naughty naughty. 

At 4:30 the team met for a short and relaxed second run of the day.  Hurdle mobility drills and a medicine ball routine followed.  Another lake shower and tanning session followed the run.  A wonderful dinner of spaghetti, salad, and bread was served around 6:30.  Puzzles and relaxing ended the night of another day at CC camp.

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