Camp Blog Day 4: Tempo Run!

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By: Steve Sulkin-Sophomore 

Today was everyone's favorite day at camp; tempo run day. We drove out to Park Rapids and ran our tempo run back to Belle Shores. Coach Rombough marked out the miles for us so we could keep track of our paces. Overall it was a good workout. Because we all ran hard in the morning, everyone just laid low for the rest of the day until the afternoon run. 

For the afternoon practice, the freshman reluctantly ran in the water. Everyone else ran on the roads outside Belle Shores. When we got back, Plaz set up kayak races for the whole team. In the third place match, which my team was too good for, Larz, (Andrew Larsen) drew first blood after getting nailed in the head with a paddle by Coach Rombough. In the championship race, I left Hassan in my wake when I handed off to Skaret. But Drew was too strong and he overpowered Skaret for the victory. Soon after the race, I beat Larz in badminton again, maintaining my crown as best from Illinois. Too bad that makes me second worse on the team. 

At night time we had our team bonfire. Every year the freshman have to stand up and sing their high school fight song. I am convinced that half of them just made it up and sang the Minnesota rouser with a couple different words. Alez Brend just read the words off his phone and it made no sense. By the end of the fire, everyone was exhausted from the tempo run and kayak races so we fell asleep easily. 

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