Camp Blog Day 3: The Traditional Badminton Tournament

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By: John Simons-Juinor

Day three of Cross Country Camp began with an early wake up to a brisk temperature of 47 degrees!  Everyone had warm clothing on when we met up for our morning run.  It was a shock to everyone's system to wake up to such cool temps, but in a few months we will be begging for 47 degrees.  After a quick meeting we hopped into the mini vans and headed to the Karmel Forest/ATV, but before we reached our running destination we passed through "The Biggest Little Town in the World" Emmaville.  Everyone went on an easy run through the rock and sand filled trails of the ATV trails and followed it up with a couple of strides.

Took the minivan back with Coach Rombough and had to survive through one Carrie Underwood hit after another.  When we arrived back at the Belle Shores Resort everyone started wackin the shuttlecocks around for the beginning of the Badminton Tournament.  From about 10:30AM until dusk there was always a game going on.  Notable performances included the unstoppable duo of the masseuse Greg and Freshmen Aaron Bartnik extending their undefeated winning streak to 13 games, Coach Rombough emulsifying a defenseless butterfly after a missed point, and Erik "Trudy" Trudeson's unforeseen upset of Captain Hassan Mead followed by and elimination dive off the pier.

There were other activities besides badminton including a return to the bridge for more diving, a delicious lunch from Bunch, tanning... and burning, a second run for the upperclassmen, and Coach Plaz demonstrating his angling skills with Captain Mead and Bobby Nicolls.  After a great taco dinner from Bunch a group of guys went into a cabin for the viewing of "Inglorious Basterds", while others played the Domino game Mexican Train.  Everyone got together one more time to have a bowl of ice cream before calling it a day.

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