Camp Blog Day 2: Another Great Day to Be a Gopher!

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Slideshow Day 2

By: Adam Zutz-Freshman 

After great nights worth of sleep, my day began bright and early at 7 am. With a few other freshmen, I headed over to Cabin 1 to fuel up with a light breakfast before our run. Once my stomach was happily filled up with a banana and cereal, we headed back to our cabin to continue the difficult process of waking up. At 8am, the team met outside for our run. Coach Rombough was a tad late, as he had woken up at 8:01. Hopefully tomorrow Rombough will have gotten enough beauty sleep, and wake up on time.

Once we had all piled into the mini-vans, we embarked on a short drive to the "Q" loop for our run. The weather was great for running with a clear sky, and cool temps. It was great to get out on the dirt road's and go over a few hills. When we were done with our run, we hopped back in the vans and drove back to Belle Shores. By the time we got back to camp, we had noticed that Greg (our massage therapist) had arrived. He received a warm and enthusiastic welcome by all members of the team. Even more important, Greg arrived with the flag, which Coach Rombough had unfortunately left back in the locker room.

Soon enough, it was already time for lunch. On the menu today were sandwiches and sloppy joes. After lunch we had free time until our second workout at 4:30. Many members of the team filled this time with the usual horseshoes, swimming, napping, and playing some rousing games of catch. At 4:30 the veterans of the team went out for another run. Meanwhile, the freshman stayed back for a few drills and some intense aqua-jogging.  Plaz showed all the young guys how it was done during the jogging, and Alex Brend had quite the kick in kayak races.

Now that the workouts were done for the day, it was time for the start of a dynasty in badminton by Greg and Aaron Bartnik. The super duo of Greg and Bartnik impressively faced eight different teams, and defeated all of them. With the net up, excitement for the badminton tournament is in the air. Next, it was yet another delicious dinner by Bunch. Stuffed peppers, potatoes, beans, rice, and salad was enjoyed by everyone.

After dinner, the night developed into some serious relaxing time and even more badminton. Some of the older guys started a strategic game of Risk. Once the sun started to slip away, it was easy to see the sunburn some of the guys had acquired.  Coach Rombough looks like he could use a healthy dose of sunscreen tomorrow.  Before long, it was time to hit the sack and rest up for tomorrow. Another great day being a gopher!

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