Camp Blog Day 1: The Start of Something Special

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Gopher MensCC Camp Blog 8/25/11

By: Sophomore Drew Paradis

     August 25th, 2011, all the compliance meetings, physicals, and preparations are a thing of the past. Today Gopher Cross Country 2011 began as we headed off to the northland of Nevis at Belle Shores Resort on Lake Belle Taine. For a few of us guys, we headed out at 7 a.m. for a short morning run on campus before finishing packing our gear up. Then at 9 a.m., our 5 car caravan headed out of the city on I-94. After making a short pit stop at Bohunks Sandwiches in Little Falls, we continued on to Nevis and arrived a little after 1 p.m.. The vans were unpacked, cabin assignments handed out, and after our homes for the next week were inspected and rooms claimed, we gathered on the beach for instructions and greetings from the owners, Wayne and Erna Johnson.

     For the next hour and half or so the front lawn was full of Frisbee and football action along with an intense horseshoe competition between the team of Pieter Gagnon and Paul Hilsen, and Hassan Mead and me. Unfortunately, Hassy and I were unable to match the fantastic play of Mr. Gadgets (Gagnon) and Mr. Katy Perry (Hilsen)...both engineer majors. We believe their engineering background was a reason for their remarkable tosses and bounces. Bunch (Coach Plaz's sister) prepared a delicious light lunch for everyone, which then led everyone to retreat to their respective cabins for a short nap before our run at 4:30.

     At 4:30, we drove to Paul Bunyan State Forest where we ran on a forest road for a comfortable 55 to 65 minutes depending on how each person was feeling. After completing some strides, we headed back to Belle Shores where we had some group core and the freshman learned what CC Abs all entailed. The lake was the place to go next to cool off and shower up out at the raft. 

     Dinner time arrived as Bunch prepared a Beef Stew along with rice, salad, dinner rolls, and milk...perfect after a good day of training and fun. For the next hour and a half, another round of Frisbee, football, horseshoes, and even a little whiffle ball occurred before we headed to the grocery store for individual snacks. Most of the guys hit the sack once arriving back to the resort to get some good rest before our 8 a.m. run. Day 1 Complete!

Photos from Day 1 of camp

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